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4 août 2007 6 04 /08 /août /2007 06:21
Cette version 0.4 de DS Weather Report apporte de nombreuses nouveautés :
  • - Ajout de villes de l'Europe Central, de l'Europe de l'Est et de l'Afrique du Nord.
  • - La base de données intégrée au logiciel compte maintenant plus de 3300 villes (et il y a toujours 40000 villes accessibles par leur code).
  • - Plus de villes sont affichées sur la carte du monde.
  • - L'affichage de la carte du monde est plus rapide, il ne subit plus de ralentissement et reste constamment à 60 images par seconde.
  • - Enfin, la plus grosse innovation de cette version réside dans la réduction drastique des temps de téléchargement des informations météorologiques affichées sur la carte. Grâce à un cache sur un serveur d'une durée d'une heure, le téléchargement des informations de toutes les villes dure maintenant une minute si les données ne sont pas en cache, sinon le télechargement ne dure qu'environ deux secondes !
This version 0.4 of DS Weather Report features many improvements:
  • - Addition of Central Europe, Eastern Europe and North Africa countries.
  • - More than 3300 cities in the included database (and always more than 40000 cities available by code).
  • - More cities displayed on the world map.
  • - Faster world map display, now at 60 FPS.
  • - And last but not least, faster download time of weather information: a cache is now used on a server, with a duration of one hour. So, the download time of weather data for all the cities is now of 1 minute if the data are not cached, else it's only about 2 seconds!
icon-download2.gif Télécharger DS Weather Report v0.4 (4.83 MB)

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I'm having the same problem when i press Y for the help (with a SuperCard DS one). <br /> <br /> Sinon c'est vraiment excellent comme homebrew, félicitations, super bien réalisé, super agréable.
Thanks for the report. This bug has been fixed in version 0.5 that has been released today.
Great application! Works wonderful on my M3Simply! The only bug i have to mention is when I push the "Y" button for help, DS Weather Report still plays the music, but the bottom screen stays black and nothing happens until I turn off the DS. Everything else works fine like searching for citys, adding them to favourites, etc. Keep on the good work! :) Greetings, Jay.
i'm a Chinese user.i have a M3L.i pacthed the DLDI for m3l,but it can't work.could it support m3l next version?i think DS Weather Report is a good application.i wanna use it!and i've another suggestion.could it include Asia countries espacially China?<br /> <br /> awesome.keep good work.thank you.:)
For the moment, only a map of europe is displayed and you can only select european cities in the included list of 3200 cities. However, you can obtain weather report for 40000 cities around the world by  providing its code when you press B then "Directly enter city code". You can obtain such codes on www.weather.com. For example, the code for Beijing is CHXX0008. Then, you can add this city to your favourites by pressing Select, and look at them later by pressing Start.In future versions of DS Weather Report, I plan to add a larger map showing the whole world, and I also plan to include the database of 40000 cities. Stay tuned ;-)